One day in Nikko

Nikko is a World Heritage Site near Tokyo. You can easily access Nikko by train from Tokyo. We decided to stay overnight in this charming little village in the evenly charming Nikko Turtle Inn. Even though there are lots of sacred (and silent) places in Tokyo we were immediately drawn to the atmosphere in Nikko….

5 days in Tokyo

In October we spent five days in Tokyo. I already told you about how I fell in love with Japan on the first day; now let me tell you the rest of our love story. Let me introduce my Tokyo top tourist activities Tsujiki Fish Market I have a dual relationship with Tsujiki Fish Market….

Why I fell in love with Japan

Let me tell you the story about how I fell in love with Japan… twice. I first fell in love with this Asian nation when I was about thirteen years old. As a teenager I was quite the movie buff. I had only one goal: watch the entire 250 IMDB top rated movies (spoiler alert: I…

10 Reasons I look forward to travelling to Japan

While all of my family and friends are spending their summer holiday abroad, I’m sitting in my sofa dreaming about my own vacation this fall. I’ll be visiting Japan, a dream I’ve had for over ten years. Many of my friends are surprised at my curiosity for Japan. Nothing to be surprised about, let me show…