3 Things to do in Stuttg


We spent the first weekend of May in Stuttgart, Germany. We came unprepared, which is unusual. We had little time so our visit was brief.

What did we do?

  1. Visit Sinsheim Technik Museum: We visited the Speyer Technik Museum some years ago and were truly impressed. The Speyer Museum has a Boeing 747. You can walk on the wing! The Sinsheim Technik Museum has a Concorde and Tupolev TU-144. We really liked both Speyer and Sinsheim and greatly recommend both museums. Apart from airplanes you can find cars, motor bikes, robots, war exhibitions (including tanks)… and some really funny show room dummies. If you can, you should visit the Speyer museum during the second weekend in May, when they have their ‘Brazzeltag’. On this day the museum comes to life.
  2. Mercedes Benz Museum: We didn’t get enough in the Sinsheim Museum so we decided to go for a second run at the Mercedes Benz Museum. You can find concept cars, oldtimer cars and the familiar Benz cars. Great for car enthousiasts and architecture lovers. The museum resides in a beautiful building – inside and out.
  3. Schlossplatz and surroundings: While we were there it rained non-stop so we couldn’t enjoy it at its upmost. This great city square is the ideal place for a summer picnic. Not into picnics? You can also shop ‘till you drop in the nearby streets or enjoy lots of cultural exhibitions in the surrounding buildings.

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