Are the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken worth the visit?


Short answer: YES!

Long answer: Yes, because:

  • They were pretty much the most beautiful greenhouses I ever visited. (I liked them over Kew Gardens)
  • They’re only open for public for three weeks a year, when the flowers are at their most beautiful.
  • Awesome flowers.
  • It’s easily accessible (by car or bus)
  • Entrance fee is very low (2,50 EUR in 2015)


  • It was really crowded when we arrived at the Royal Greenhouses. REALLY crowed. It felt like an overpopulated tour in a flower factory.
  • The Greenhouses could use some fresh paint. From the outside they look a bit dilapidated, but the insides make up for it. (The Greenhouses are being renovated as we speak.)

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